Nove Crônicas para um Coração aos Berros
Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart 

Gustavo Galvão

Brasil, Drama/Comedy, 2012
93 min, HD, Color
Portuguese, German with English subtitles


Larissa is no longer in love with Mário; Leopoldo does not know whether to stay or go; Júlio still lives with his mother; Simone is tired of being a hooker; Vanise is reminded of what it means to be a woman; Philipp does not want to go back home; Carol carries a graveyard of memories with her; André wants to make a different kind of sound; Denise decides to have new experiences while there is still time. In this surprising mosaic of human relationships and day-to-day situations, men and women of different ages feel a pressing need to reinvent themselves. As they cross each other’s paths in a city that has stopped in time, they all are, each in their own way, at a turning point in their lives.


North American Premiere , , 


Gustavo Galvao Gustavo Galvão was born in Brasília, on August 18th, 1976. He studied Journalism at the University of Brasília and specialized in Filmmaking at Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos (Madrid). He has directed seven short films from 2002 to 2008, including the award-winning LIFE NEXT DOOR (2006), which was exhibited in 25 film festivals worldwide. NINE CHRONICLES FOR A SCREAMING HEART is Galvão’s first feature film project as director, screenwriter and producer.

Producer: Gustavo Galvão
Production Companies: 400 Filmes, Effects Filmes, LudoFilmes
Screenwriter: Gustavo Galvão, Cristiane Oliveira
Cinematographer: André Carvalheira
Editor: Marcius Barbieri
Sound Design: Ricardo Reis
Music: Assis Medeiros
Cast: Simone Spoladore, Leonardo Medeiros, Júlio Andrade, Denise Weinberg, Larissa Salgado, Mário Bortolotto

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Nove Cronicas para um Coracao aos Berros