Delusions of Grandeur


Iris Almaraz, Gustavo Ramos

USA, Drama/Coming of Age, 2012
95 min, HDV/HDCAM/HD DVD, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles


In the mid-1990s a medicated grungy girl stopped taking her medication (Prozac), crossed over a rainbow, and became a woman in a crazy, wonderful place called San Francisco. Lulu, Rocio, and Illusion are struggling with the sexuality and gender roles that we all play. It is said that there is someone for everyone, and the heroines in this story put that theory to the test in a city with a history of love at its core - but will they respect themselves in the morning? DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR is a bright and colorful presentation of the struggle from adolescence into adulthood.


Texas Premiere 


AlmarezIris Almaraz is an accomplished editor and filmmaker. After Studying filmmaking at San Francisco State University, a number of her short films have screened internationally, and received numerous awards. This is her first feature.

Gabriel Gustavo Ramos (guest director/writer) has identified as an Ramosartist since the age of five. After working his way into a film education at SFSU, he's become passionate about immigration and transgender issues in his films and artwork. He's currently in production for a new film, STUCK ON THE LINE, a story of coming of age, family, and personal histories.

Producer: Joey Mendez
Production Companies: Jezebel Pantry Productions
Screenwriter: Iris Almaraz
Cinematographer: Annmarie Piette
Editor: Brandon Keropian Olmos
Sound Design: Adam Hawk
Music: The Sugarplastic, The Broun Fellinis
Cast: Leeana Daly, Salvador Benavides, Ronnie Alvarez, Rina Fernandez, Peter Pano, Louie Olivos, Dave Vescio, Nicole Ortega

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Delusions of Grandeur


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