Bordando la frontera
The Border

Rene Rhi

Mexico/USA, Social Issue Drama, 2012
23 min, Super 16mm, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles


Miguel Canales learns that his young daughter has a brain tumor and needs surgery. Running out of options, he decides that his only choice to pay for the operation is to work in the United States. After receipt of a considerable fee, a smuggler agrees to guide him through the desert. As they attempt the perilous desert crossing, they come across Tammy, a disoriented 9-year old girl. Tammy leads them to the sight of a grizzly car accident where her mother is pinned inside the vehicle. Miguel wants to help the girl and her mother, but is threatened at gunpoint by his companion. Miguel must make the choice: continue his journey or stay with the girl and lose the chance of helping his family.


Austin Premiere 

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