Yo, indocumentada
I, Undocumented 

Andrea Baranenko

Venezuela, Social Issue Documentary, 2011
61 min, HDCAM, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Tamara, Desiree, and Victoria are Venezuelan women who live in Caracas and at first glance have little in common. However, all three share much more than the city they live in: they carry an ID that shows a name that is not theirs. They are transgender women. In Venezuela, you cannot legally change the name you were born with. The women unite and through a series of legal actions and tireless activism for equality, these women will test the willingness of Venezuelan institutions to ensure the basic right of its citizens: the right to identity.


North American Premiere



Andrea BaranenkoAndrea Baranenko is a Social Communicator specializing in Audiovisual Arts. She directed the short documentary SOMEONE'S LISTENING and has worked as a writer and production manager in a variety of independent projects. I, UNDOCUMENTED represents her first feature-length documentary. At the moment she's working as a cowriter of a Venezuelan feature-length film that will premiere during 2014.

Producer: Daniel Ruiz Hueck
Production Companies: Bajolamanga Laboratorio Audiovisual
Screenwriter: Andrea Baranenko
Cinematographer: Michell Rivas, Glendys Ariza
Editor: Amandine Rubi
Sound Design: Ivan Urbina
Music: Andres Levell, John Marquez

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