Habana muda

Eric Brach

France/Cuba, Documentary, 2012
61 min, Digital, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


In Havana's deaf-mute community, Chino and his family struggle to make ends meet. When Chino encounters a Mexican male tourist who falls in love with him, he and his wife discuss the possibility of him fleeing to Mexico in order to make a better living and send money back to the family in Cuba.


Regional Premiere

www.quad.fr/features/catalogue/habana-muda , www.facebook.com/HabanaMuda 

Brach dirEric Brach is a filmmaker dedicated to the art of documentary. In order to complete the film HABANA MUDA, he spent three years in Havana with his subjects.

Producer: Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Farid Tourab, Eric Branch
Production Companies: QUAD, Profidev
Cinematographer: Eric Brach, Javier Labrador Deulofeu
Editor: Jacqueline Mariani
Sound Design: Sebastian Pierre, Evelio Manfred Gay, Laurent Chassaigne
Music: Kelvis Ochoa, Yasek Manzano

Print Source: Helene Karson - QUAD, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it