El alcalde
The Mayor

Emiliano Altuna, Diego Enrique Osorno, Carlos Rossini

Mexico, Political Documentary, 2012
81 min, HD, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


In Mexico, the murder of municipal mayors by the drug cartels is a common practice in their fight to control territories. EL ALCALDE tells the story of Mauricio, who presents himself as a polemical Mayor that takes justice into his own hands in the wealthiest and safest municipality in Latin America. EL ALCALDE analyzes the complex plot that is woven between the exercise of power and modern politics, immersed in a stage plagued with violence, strong economic interests, and a blunt discredit of the political class.


US Premiere



Carlos RossiniCarlos Rossini (Argentina, 1976) studied Cinema in Mexico, where he works as a director and cinematographer. In 2008 he directed the feature-length documentary EL CIRUELO.

Diego Osorno (Mexico, 1980)Diego Osorno is a journalist graduated from the University of Nuevo León with a postgraduate degree in Information and War from the Complutense University, Madrid.

Emiliano AltunaEmiliano Altuna (Argentina, 1978) graduated with a major in Film from ESCAC in Barcelona, Spain. In Mexico he directed 2 feature-length documentaries SEGUIR SIENDO (2005) and EL CIRUELO (2008).



Producer: Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini
Production Companies: Bambú Audiovsual, IMCINE-FOPROCINE
Screenwriter: Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini, Diego Osorno
Cinematographer: Carlos F. Rossini
Editor: Pedro G. García
Sound Design: Emiliano Altuna
Music: Daniel Hidalgo

Print Source: Ivan Gutierrez - IMCINE, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

El alcalde