Esas voces que curan
Voices that Heal

Delia Ackerman, Heather Greer

Peru, Documentary, 2011
46 min, HDV, Color
Spanish, Shipibo with English subtitles

The Shipibo-Conibo people have lived in the Peruvian Amazon for over 4,000 years, passing on their knowledge of plants and sacred songs from one generation to the next. Esas voces que curan tells the story of a Shipibo shaman and her family, and of their struggle to keep their traditions alive while facing the challenges of the modern world. Esas voces que curan has screened in official selection at Festival de Cine de Lima, The Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival, and the London Latin American Film Festival.

North American Premiere


Producer: Delia Ackerman, Heather Greer, Douglass Sims
Production Companies: FilFilms, BlackTartan
Cinematographer: Heather Greer
Editor: Javier Arciniega
Sound Design: Guillermo Palacios
Music: Augustin-Fernandez Family

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