Los nueve infiernos
Nine Hells

Abril Schmucler

Mexico, Experimental Documentary, 2011
25 min, Video, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

A baby's bath in a dirty public space. Angry rebel young people running through the streets. A man crawling in pursuit of divine forgiveness. The brother who cannot buy a small car. The eternal wait of a musician on a long night.... A lover sings, beside him a hobo complains. Millions of people whose eyes will never meet. This city is silence. This documentary was honored in its home country with an Honorary Mention from the Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de Fotografía at DOCSDF.

American Premiere

Abril_SchmuclerAbril Schmucler was born in Mexico City in 1982. In 2003 she joined the CCC, where she currently specializes in documentary filmmaking.

Producer: Abril Schmucler
Production Companies: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfico
Screenwriter: Abril Schmucler
Cinematographer: José de la Torre, Damián Aguilar, Abril Schmucler
Editor: Alfredo Mendoza
Sound Design: Federico Schmucler
Music: Federico Schmucler

Print Source: Boris Miramontes - CCC, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Wednesday, April 25 - 6:30 PM

MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center)