La maleta mexicana
The Mexican Suitcase

Trisha Ziff

Mexico/Spain, Documentary, 2011
86 min, HDV/35mm, Color/Black & White
English, Spanish with English subtitles


La maleta mexicana tells the story of lost negatives found at the bottom of a closet in Mexico City in 2007. The photographers were exiled from their countries, but were able to document the dangers of fascism in Spain with their cameras. The photojournalists, Robert Capa, David Seymour, and Gerda Taro met in Paris in 1936, then traveled to Spain. Throughout the film, we learn the story of the war and the exile of the photojournalists. This is a film about images taken in the past and recovered in our present. It also looks at how a new generation in Spain is beginning to reconcile itself with its own history. La maleta mexicana is about the power and fragility of memory, about the historical ties between Mexico and Spain, and about the search for the truth. Along with other renowned collaborators, John Sayles served as an advisor on this ambitious and thoughtful film, which has screened at festivals including San Sebastián and Morelia International.


Texas Premiere


Trisha Ziff

Trisha Ziff is a curator of contemporary photography, filmmaker and Guggenheim scholar. Director of Chevolution, Ziff also produced the documentary Oaxacalifornia, was a co-producer of My Mexican Shiva, and executive producer of 9months 9days. She is currently in development on her next project, Pirate Copy, a documentary about intellectual rights and global pirating. Trisha lives in Mexico City with her son, Julio.


Producer: Eamon O'Farrill
Production Companies: 212 Berlin
Screenwriter: Trisha Ziff
Cinematographer: Claudio Rocha
Editor: Luis Lopez
Sound Design: Yuri Laguna, Amanda Villavieja
Music: Michael Nyman

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La maleta mexicana

Friday, April 27 - 8:00 PM

MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center)