León Ichaso

USA, Thriller/Drama, 2009
100, HD, Color/Black & White
Spanish, English with English subtitles

The monotonous life of Miami radio personality Remigio Gallegos changes abruptly when he answers the phone to find out that a son he has never met is waiting for him at the immigration office. Along with his mother's cross, the young man brings with him a haunted past. Paraiso explores generational and class divides within the Cuban exile community in southern Florida. Part thriller, drama, and existential romance, the film explodes with heart, color, music, and a desperate tale.

Regional Premiere

leon_ichasoLeon Ichaso was born in Havana, Cuba. He left the island for exile in the United States with his mother and sister at age 14; his father joined them 5 years later having stayed behind to support the Cuban Revolution. Ichaso is known as "an actor's director," as a writer and director who does not compromise as he tells his tales, and as a filmmaker who specializes in gritty urban realism.

Producer: León Ichaso, Lisa Rhoden Boyd
Production Companies: Camino Verde Films
Screenwriter: León Ichaso
Cinematographer: Henry Vargas, Henry Lynk
Editor: Juan Carlos Garza, Sebastián Jiménez
Sound Design: Bruno Canale
Music: Alfredo Triff
Cast: Miguel Gutiérrez, Adrián Más, Tamara Melián, Lili Rentería, Ariel Texido, Juan David Ferrer, Aliani Sánchez, Larry Villanueva, Sandra García, Rosie Iguanzo, Roberto Poveda
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Mexican American Cultural Center
Black Box Theater

Tuesday, April 26, 9pm