Argenis Mills

Cuba/Dominican Republic/Brazil, Drama, 2010
11 min, 35mm, Color
No dialogue


Samuel is a Latino immigrant who goes to Europe searching for a better life. Shortly after moving into his apartment, an upstairs neighbor complains about the noise and threatens to turn him in to immigration. As Samuel becomes more obsessed with not making any noise, he goes to great extremes to quiet each and every sound.


Texas Premiere


Producer: Viana González
Production Companies: EICTV
Screenwriter: Daniel Rodríguez de Castro
Cinematographer: César Zayas
Editor: Rocío Gattinoni
Sound Design: Salomé Román
Music: Luís Díaz
Cast: Yarién Rodríguez, Osvaldo Doimeadiós
Print Source: Jorge Rey - EICTV, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mexican American Cultural Center
Mon. April 25 1:00 PM