Much'Tal Jedz "Cuando hablamos, lo hacemos una sola vez"
Much'Tal Jedz "When We Speak, We Only Do So Once"

Byrt Wammack Weber

Mexico, Experimental/Drama, 2009
35 min, Super 8 Film/DV, Color/Black & White
Yucatec Maya with English subtitles


When something begins terrorizing a Mayan village, the people know they must do something to overcome it. Their strategies lead them to a famous archaeologist and eventually, to an unexpected solution. Based on recent and historical events, this film is about the Mayan struggle to maintain their autonomy.


Texas Premiere


Producer: Colectivo Turix
Production Companies: Yoochel Kaaj: Cine Video Cultura
Screenwriter: Byrt Wammack Weber, Colectivo Turix
Cinematographer: Byrt Wammack Weber
Editor: Byrt Wammack Weber
Sound Design: Byrt Wammack Weber, Elías Puc
Music: Elías Puc
Cast: Rodolfo Nahuat, Juan Kuyoc, Francisco May, Ofelio Nahuat, Jaime Magaña
Print Source: Ana Rosa Duarte Duarte - Yoochel Kaaj: Cine Video Cultura, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mexican American Cultural Center
Tue. April 26 1:00 PM