Entre paredes de agua
Between Water Walls

Rosa Martha Fernández

Mexico, Experimental/Drama, 2010
30 min, HD, Color
No dialogue


Flavio belongs to a species of amphibians destined to suffer an evolutionary change that will force them from the security of their habitat in the depths of the ocean. His underwater life vacilates between fear of the change and fascination of the world around him. However, after being seduced by the songs of a group of mermaids, he must balance his love and desire for them with his biological destiny.


US Premiere



Producer: Rosa Martha Fernández
Production Companies: Mitologías en Producción, Rosa Martha Fernández, IMCINE, Canal 22
Screenwriter: Claudia Lavista, Rosa Martha Fernández
Cinematographer: David Torres, Santiago Navarrete
Editor: Rosamarta Fernández, Omar Carrum
Sound Design: Rogelio Sosa, Ricardo Arzola
Music: Rogelio Sosa
Cast: Omar Carrum, Johnny Millán, Víctor Manuel Ruiz, Agustín Martínez, Xitlali Piña, Karen de Luna, Claudia Lavista, Eva Audelo, Juan Carlos Vázquez
Print Source: Javier Núñez - IMCINE, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mexican American Cultural Center
Tue. April 26 2:00 PM