Konün Wenu: La entrada al cielo
The Threshold to Heaven

Francisco Javier Toro Lessen

Chile, Drama/Fantasy, 2011
78 min, HD, Color
Mapudungun with English subtitles

Akun, a young Mapuche boy whose mother died some years ago, lives with his grandparents in the middle of the mountains in Alto Bío Bío. As they walk along the base of the Kallaquen Volcano, Akun's grandfather, in an effort to assuage his pain over losing his mother, tells him about Konün Wenu, the entrance to heaven located at the summit of the volcano. In the hopes of finding his mother, Akun sets out alone to find Konün Wenu, but gets lost in the woods along the way. On his solitary journey, Akun runs into a variety of supernatural characters, some of whom are helpful, and others who are not.


World Premiere


Francisco_Javier_Toro_Lessen_webFrancisco Javier Toro Lessen was born in Talcahuano, Chile in 1983. After studying communications at the Instituto Duoc UC and the Universidad San Sebastián in Concepción, Chile, he directed a TV series and various documentaries about the Mapuche.






Producer: Ramon Alberto Avila Hernandez
Screenwriter: Francisco Javier Toro Lessen
Cinematographer: Jorge Aguilar Arevalo
Editor: Francisco Toro Lessen
Sound Design: Marco Bravo Rebolledo
Music: Kalule, Alvaro del Canto, Diego Fuentealba
Cast: Francisco Toro Lessen
Print Source: Imaginaria Audiovisual, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mexican American Cultural Center
Mon. April 25 3:00 PM