El hada buena: Una fabula peronista
The Good Fairy: A Peronist Tale

María Laura Casabé

Argentina, Science Fiction/Fantasy, 2010
85 min, MiniDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


In a near-future Argentina where the government has returned to a Peronist benefactor model of society... siblings Esther and Horacio have adapted to this new way of living by participating in the public options of children who are up for adoption. Families flock to these auctions in hopes of buying a child who is worthy of winning the Perón Sponsorship, which provides a life-long pension to the family of the winning child. With Juan Domingo the Seventh, Esther and Horacio may have found a candidate for the prize. El hada buena shows a fantasy world where all the rules have changed, and all the hopes and dreams of Argentina's citizens lie in a false leader.


International Premiere



Maria_Laura_Casabe_webLaura Casabé, one of the founders of Horno Productions, worked as cinematographer on several of the company's shorts titled Plop videos. El hada buena: Una fabula peronista is her first feature.



Producer: Eugenia Tramezzani, Micaela Sleigh
Production Companies: Horno Producciones
Screenwriter: Laura Casabé
Cinematographer: Laura Casabé
Editor: Eugenia Tramezzani
Sound Design: Mariano Suarez
Music: Federico Haro
Cast: Alejandro Parrilla, Rodrigo Lico Lorente, Orlando Mastropaolo, Walter Cornás, Lidia Epztein, Hernan Losicer, Rocio Rodriguez Presedo
Print Source: Laura Casabé, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Blue Starlite Drive-In
Tue. April 26 11:00 PM