Brother Towns / Pueblos Hermanos

Charles D. Thompson, Jr., Michael Davey

USA, Documentary, 2010
58 min, DigiBeta, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles


Brother Towns/Pueblos Hermanos is the story of two towns linked by immigration, family, and work: Jacaltenango, a highland, Maya town in Guatemala; and Jupiter, Florida, an American coastal resort where many Jacaltecos have settled. The film chronicles the reasons why people migrate across borders, how people make and remake their communities when they travel thousands of miles from home, and how people maintain families despite their travel. With immigration being such controversial topic, the film strives to include the voices of those opposed to as well as advocating for undocumented immigrants, and prompt a deeper dialogue about these issues.


Regional Premiere



Charles Thompson is a Lecturer in the Department of Cultural Anthropology and an adjunct professor in the Department of Religion at Duke. His other film works include The Guestworker and We Shall Not Be Moved. Michael Davey, a painter and editor, has worked in the production business for more than twenty years and during that time has edited a wide variety of programs including documentaries for PBS, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, and Animal Planet.


Producer: Charles D. Thompson, Jr.
Production Companies: Bullfrog Films
Cinematographer: Michael Davey, Charles D. Thompson, Jr., Margaret Morales
Editor: Michael Davey
Sound Design: Michael Davey, Charles D. Thompson, Jr., Margaret Morales
Music: La Tona, Santos Montejo, Musicians of Jacaltenango
Cast: Filomeno Raymundo Diaz
Print Source: Bullfrog Films, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Jones Auditorium at the Ragsdale Center,
St. Edward's University

Mon. April 25 7:00 PM