Una hora más en Canarias
With or Without Love

David Serrano

Spain, Musical/Comedy, 2010
97 min, 35 mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Claudia is an attractive 35-year-old woman with a husband who worships her, a son whom she adores, and a lover whom she adores even more. Life could not get any better... but Pablo, her lover, has decided that he has had enough of being no more than just a lover and has left her for another woman. Claudia, who doesn't take "no" for an answer, is not prepared to let him slip through her fingers. With the help of her sister Mónica, and a bit of emotional and financial blackmail, she arranges what would seem to be a simple plan to get him back.


Regional Premiere



David_Serrano_webBorn in Madrid in 1975, David Serrano has directed, written and acted in various films, including Soccer Days, the musical comedy The Other Side of the Bed, and Días de cine.






Producer: Tomas Cimadevilla
Production Companies: Telespan, Dynamo, La Zona
Screenwriter: David Serrano
Cinematographer: Carlos Ferro
Editor: Nacho Ruíz Capillas
Sound Design: Agustín Peinado
Music: Alejandro Serrano, José Ángel Sagi, Ernesto Millán
Cast: Angie Cepeda, Juana Acosta, Quim Gutiérrez, Miren Ibarguren, Eduardo Blanco, Kiti Manver, Isabel Ordaz, Diego Martín
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Una hora más en Canarias (With or Without Love)


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