Bala mordida
Bitten Bullet

Diego Muñoz Vega

Mexico, Crime/Drama, 2009
112 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Mauro Hernández, a young policeman, becomes involved in a coke deal, and when problems arise, gives his gun away to cover the deal. Things get out of control when the media gets involved. A scandal over the bad quality of police body armor turns into an investigation of misappropriation of police funds, and Mauro is labeled as a victim of administrative corruption. Using the power that his uniform gives him and the sympathy of the media, Mauro starts to blackmail anyone who crosses his way. Mauro and his commander become involved in a dirty war inside the police force, a struggle filled with espionage, murders, and betrayal.


Regional Premiere

Diego_Munoz_webSince graduating from the CCC in Mexico, Diego Muñoz Vega has built a career in the Mexican industry in short films, documentaries, commercials and video clips. Bala mordida is his first feature film, and he's currently in post-production on the film Mordidas.


Producer: Rafael Cuervo, Diego Muñoz Vega, Pedro Sherer
Production Companies: Tosco Films, FOPROCINE, IMCINE, Goliat Films, Renta Imagen
Screenwriter: Diego Muñoz Vega
Cinematographer: Carlos Hidalgo
Editor: Felipe Gomez
Sound Design: Isabel Muñoz Cota
Music: Pablo Valero, Yamil Rezo
Cast: Damián Alcázar, Miguel Rodarte, Roberto Sosa, Flor Payán, Octavio Castro, Dagoberto Gama
Print Source: Paul Hudson - Outsider Pictures, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bala mordida (Bitten Bullet)


Alamo South Lamar - Mon. April 25 9:55 PM
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