Blackhorse Lowe

USA, Drama, 2009
15 min, 35mm, Black & White
Navajo with English subtitles


In the late 1920s on the serene Navajo reservation, Mary Jane spends her time daydreaming and tending to her family's flock of sheep under the customs and guidance of her Másání (grandmother). When her older sister, Anne Mae, flees from boarding school, she returns to the reservation with a world geography book. The images in the book reveal new worlds that are "just over the mountain." Conflicted by her obedient nature and her curious imagination, Mary Jane must privately decide her own fate: to maintain her typical lifestyle alongside the sheep and Másání, or to depart into the exotic, unknown world shown on the pages of the book.


Texas Premiere,,


Producer: Chad Burris
Production Companies: Másání
Screenwriter: Blackhorse Lowe
Cinematographer: Smokey Nelson
Editor: Blackhorse Lowe
Sound Design: David Stevens
Cast: Brigadier Brown, Carmelita B. Lowe, Noelle Brown
Print Source: Michelle Svenson - Killer Whale PR+M/Black Mesa Entertainment, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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