Retratos en un mar de mentiras
Portraits in a Sea of Lies

Carlos Gaviria

Colombia, Drama, 2009
90 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


After the death of their grandfather, Jairo, a roaming photographer, and Marina, his young, amnesiac and mute cousin, decide to try to recover the land from which Marina was displaced years ago. During the trip along the coast towards Bogotá, the story of her traumatic past begins to unfold. Upon reaching their hometown, they are kidnapped by paramilitaries, and while attempting to flee, Jairo is wounded. Marina is then faced with potentially losing Jairo along with her family's land forever, while also confronting the painful memories of her past.


Austin Premiere


Carlos_Gaviria_webA native of Colombia, Gaviria is a graduate of the film department of New York University and has worked as a cinematographer and director of various award-winning films and TV series, including Minas, Rosario Tijeras, and Mujeres asesinas.


Producer: Erwin Goggel
Production Companies: Producciones Erwin Goggel
Screenwriter: Carlos Gaviria
Cinematographer: Edgar Gil
Editor: Carlos Gaviria
Sound Design: Ricardo Escallón
Music: Diana Hernández "Maria Mulata," Leonardo Gómez
Cast: Paola Baldión, Julián Román, Edgardo Román, Valeria Fuentes
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Retratos en un mar de mentiras