The Dreamers

Paloma Gonzalez, Harry Lindner

USA, Documentary, 2010
13 min, HDV, Color


The Dreamers offers a look at the lives of undocumented youth, and the reality they face of not being able to pursue their dreams despite their success in school.


World Premiere

Producer: Paloma Gonzalez, Harry Lindner
Screenwriter: Paloma Gonzalez, Harry Lindner
Cinematographer: Paloma Gonzalez
Editor: Paloma Gonzalez
Sound Design: Paloma Gonzalez
Music: Alexa Yunes
Cast: Jorge Gonzalez, Rick Noriega, Carlos Cruz, Ernie Sandoval, Juan Gonzalez
Print Source: Paloma Gonzalez, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mexican American Cultural Center
Fri. April 22 8:00 PM