El edificio de los chilenos
The Chilean Building

Macarena Aguiló Marchi, Susana Foxley

Chile/Cuba/France/Netherlands, Autobiographical Documentary, 2010
96 min, HDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


By reconstructing her past from memories, letters, childhood drawings and animation, Macarena Aguiló Marchi attempts to understand why her parents sent her abroad to be raised by strangers while they risked their lives back in Chile fighting the Pinochet regime. El edificio de los chilenos is a film about children who lost their parents under the relocation project Proyecto Hogares, as well as the parents who not only lost the Revolution, but any chance of ever seeing their children again. Winner of the Grand Prize at the FIDOCS festival in Santiago, Chile.


North American Premiere



Macarena_Aguilo_webMacarena Aguiló Marchi was born in 1971 in Chile. El edificio de los chilenos is her first film, and after this autobiographical production, she also contributed to the work of other documentaries including Final Image and The Other Side of La Moneda.

Producer: Macarena Aguiló Marchi
Production Companies: Rayo Verde
Screenwriter: Macarena Aguiló Marchi
Cinematographer: Arnaldo Rodríguez
Editor: Catherine Mabilat, Macarena Aguiló Marchi, Ilán Stehberg, Galut Alarcón, Ismael Miranda
Sound Design: Mauricio Molina
Music: Elizabeth Morris
Print Source: Macarena Aguiló Marchi, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


El edificio de los chilenos


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