Perpetuum Mobile

Nicolás Pereda

Mexico/Canada/France, Drama, 2009
90 min, HD, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Gabino is a 24-year old man who still lives with his mother and works as a moving truck driver in Mexico City. He constantly witnesses the perils and distress that others have to endure as they move out of their homes and out of other people's lives. Gabino and his mother have a distant relationship that comes to a climax when they stumble upon an unexpected discovery. Perpetuum Mobile was recently awarded the Best Mexican Feature award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.


Regional Premiere


Nicolás Pereda was born in Mexico City in 1982. His short films Cycle and This Film is not a Thriller have screened in many festivals in Europe, North America and South America. He has made films and videos for several hybrid plays and operas, which have been presented in Mexico and Europe. In 2007 he earned a Masters in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Canada. His award-winning first feature film ¿Dónde están sus historias? has screened at festivals around the world, and his subsequent films have all garnered critical acclaim.


Producers: Nicolás Pereda, Catalina Pereda
Production Companies: En Chinga Films
Screenwriter: Nicolás Pereda
Cinematographer: Alejandro Coronado
Editor: Nicolás Pereda
Sound Design: Alejandro de Icaza
Cast: Gabino Rodríguez, Teresa Sánchez, Francisco Barreiro


perpetuum mobile


Regal Metropolitan - Sun. April 25  8:00PM

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