Carlos Correa

Mexico, Drama, 2009
16 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


When Manuel's lifelong routine is broken, he finds that he must go out and adapt into an unknown world to prevent himself from disappearing.


Texas Premiere

Carlos Correa, a native of Guadalajara, Mexico, earned a Bachelors degree in Audiovisual Arts from the Universidad de Guadalajara. He has worked primarily in the areas of direction and photography for various short films, as well as in the areas of television, video and advertising. In 2007 he won a grant from the Academia Jalisciense de Cinematografía to produce Epílogo, his first short film that was subsequently supported by the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía.


Producer: Kenya Márquez-Alcadef Cortés, Karla Uribe González
Production Company: CONACULTA-IMCINE, Academia Jalisciense de Cinematografía - Universidad de Guadalajara, Puerco Rosa
Screenwriter: Carlos Correa
Cinematographer: Javier Morón Tejero
Editor: Felipe Gómez
Sound Design: Odin Acosta
Music: Mauricio Estrada, Rodrigo Castro, Klaus Mayer, Roberto Sánchez
Cast: Germán Robles San Agustín, Candelario Pérez, Sara Isabel Quintero, José de Jesús Hernández, Frank Rodríguez, Eduardo Covarrubias, Denis Corona Ramírez



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