El relato de Sam Brennan
Sam Brennan's Story

Manuel Tonatiuh Moreno Ramos

Mexico, Animation, 2008
6 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


While working at his father's tavern, a young boy named Sam is constantly exposed to the stories told by travelers. As a result, Sam imagines himself sailing around the world and visiting strange lands and beautiful places. One day the sailors invite Sam to join their boat crew, but only on the condition that he gives them his father's wine and gold. What will Sam decide?


Texas Premiere

Tonatiuh Moreno desires to make traditional 2D animation films of a higher quality and he is particularly interested in themes of fantasy and science fiction. El relato de Sam Brennan is his first animated short, which received mention at several international film festivals including the 2009 Short Film Corner at Cannes.


Producer: Karla Uribe
Production Company: IMCINE
Screenwriter: Manuel Tonatiuh Moreno Ramos
Animation: Manuel Tonatiuh Moreno Ramos, Blanca Araceli Mercado Doñate, Ricardo García Paredes
Editor: Mario Martínez
Sound Design: Mario Martínez
Music: Mary Camarena, Saúl "El Muerto" Ledesma
Cast: Mary Camarena, Javier Lacroix, Eric “Superman” Ruiz

el Relato de sam


Regal Metropolitan - Sat. April 24  10:00PM

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