Jorge Iván Morales

Mexico, Romantic Comedy, 2009
83 min, DVCPro HD, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


When Arturo is offered a job outside of the country, he is forced to reevaluate his feelings for Sandra, a girl with whom he shares a platonic relationship. Yet now, Arturo feels he needs to decide whether or not to ask her to move with him. Even if he does decide to ask her, she must consider her choices due to the new found responsibilities in her home. Both Arturo and Sandra carefully evaluate their feelings towards one another in order to make a decision that might change their lives forever. They must decide between career and love, but also realize that things will happen when they happen, whether it's the right time or not.


World Premiere


Jorge Iván Morales was born in Mexico City in 1981 and studied at the New York Film Academy and at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. His professional career began in the offices of Cine Premiere magazine, the leading film publication in Mexico, where he worked as chief copy editor. In 2007 he decided to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Sincronía is his first feature film.


Producer: Celeste North, Samuel Sosa
Production Companies: Don't Panic Films
Screenwriter: Adan Lerma, Jorge Iván Morales
Cinematographer: Yaasib Vazquez
Editor: Jorge Iván Morales
Sound Design: Omar Juárez
Music: Paulina Villavicencio
Cast: Luis Gerardo Mendez, Marisol Centeno, Mario Heras, Marifer Malo, Hugo Catalan



Regal Metropolitan - Wed. April 28  6:00PM

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Director Jorge Iván Morales in attendance.