Solidarity in Saya: An Afro-Bolivian Music Movement

Maya Jensen

USA, Documentary, 2009
30 min, MiniDV, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles


This documentary explores the modern resurgence of traditional Afro-Bolivian Saya music. The Afro-Bolivian community has been historically underrepresented and has remained marginalized in poverty since the abolition of slavery. In recent decades, the Saya music movement has empowered Afro-Bolivians to build solidarity in the face of discrimination. The musicians use Saya as a platform for political activism and have been gaining visibility in society by telling their story and defining their own identity through performance.


Texas Premiere


Producer: Maya Jensen
Cinematographer: Maya Jensen
Editor: Maya Jensen, Ilko Davidov
Music: MOCUSABOL-La Paz, Mauchi-Cochabamba, and musicians from the villages of Tocaña and Chicaloma
Cast: Mirian Iriondo Barra, Vicki Perez, Edgar Vasquez, Estela Barra, Manuel Barra, Angelica Pinedo, Johnny Perez, Jose Travalo Pinedo, Lorena Barra, Daniel Barra, Paula Yañes, Cristian Mendez, Lorna Vasquez, Enzo Pinedo, Jorge Medina

solidarity in saya


Panorama Documentary Shorts Showcase

Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)

Tues. April 27  9:00PM