Ser y no ser
To Be and Not to Be

Oscar Serrano

Mexico, Documentary, 2009
75 min, Video, Color/Black & White
Spanish with English subtitles


Co-sponsored by the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

In the city of Mérida, during the 1970’s, Raúl García Santinelli was born with a female body. A journey, a story, a debate between the church and science, between mind and body, this documentary invites one to think about social standards, love between humans, tolerance, respect and courage.


US Premiere

Producer: Cristina Barbachano
Production Companies: Goliat Films
Screenwriter: Cristina Barbachano
Cinematographer: Aram Diaz
Editor: Eun Hee Ihm Ahm
Sound Design: Oscar Serrano
Music: Ellenor Music



Regal Metropolitan - Thur. April 22  6:00PM
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