Anaís Huerta, Raúl Cuesta

Mexico, Documentary, 2009
70 min, HD CAM, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


After living in Mexico City for 40 years, Antonia longs to go back to her hometown, a Mazahua village in the state of Mexico. When she finally decides to do so, she encounters a lot of things that she didn't expect, like the scarcity of water threatening life in her community. This documentary was nominated for Best Feature Documentary at Mexico's Academy Awards.


Texas Premiere

Anaís Huerta was born in Toronto, Canada. She studied political science in Canada and France, as well dramatic arts in several theater companies. Raúl Cuesta was born in Mexico City where he studied international business and photography. In 2002 he founded Lunave, a digital media agency, where he has created several communication projects. Together they created Amaina, a documentary production company, where they produced their first short film, Máximo. Rehje is their first feature documentary.


Producer: Anaís Huerta, Raúl Cuesta
Screenwriter: Anaís Huerta
Cinematographer: Carlos Hidalgo, Raúl Cuesta
Editor: Anaís Huerta, Samuel Larson, Raúl Cuesta
Sound Design: Pablo Fernández
Music: Pascual Reyes
Cast: Antonia Mondragón



Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)

Tues. April 27  5:00PM