Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy

Renée Bergan, Mark Schuller

Haiti/USA, Docmentary, 2009
50 min, DVCAM/MiniDV/HDV, Color/Black & White
Creole, English with English subtitles


Told through the compelling lives of five courageous Haitian women, Poto Mitan gives the global economy a human face. Each woman’s personal story explains neo-liberal globalization, how it is gendered, and how it impacts Haiti. The film offers an in-depth understanding of Haiti; and focuses on women’s subjugation, worker exploitation, poverty, and resistance. Initiated by the subjects themselves, Poto Mitan aims to inspire solidarity activism to end injustice in the global economy. Our struggles have a common thread: fighting for justice for women, workers, or Haiti can’t help but bring about our own liberation as well. Poto Mitan won the Indie Spec Best Documentary Award at Boston International Film Festival in 2009.


Regional Premiere



Renée Bergan founded Renegade Pictures, Inc., in 2003 with the sole goal of educating, inspiring and advocating change through her films. Ms. Bergan studied cinema in Paris, France, and received her degree in film from UCSB in 1993. She has received various awards for her work in different socially conscious documentaries. Mark Schuller is Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology at York College, the City University of New York. In addition to understanding contemporary Haiti, Schuller’s research contributes to theories of globalization, NGOs, civil society, and development.


Producer: Renée Bergan, Mark Schuller
Production Companies: Tèt Ansanm Productions, Renegade Pictures, Inc., UCSB Black Studies Research Ctr.
Screenwriter: Edwidge Danticat
Cinematographer: Renée Bergan
Editor: Renée Bergan
Sound Design: Fabrice Charmant
Music: Awozam, Boukman Eksperyans, Brothers Posse, Manze Dayila and the Nago Nation, Emeline Michel
Cast: Marie-Jeanne, Solange, Frisline, Thérèse, Hélène, Edwidge Danticat (narrator)

poto mitan


Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)

Mon. April 26  9:00PM