Vil romance
Vile Romance

José Celestino Campusano

Argentina, Drama, 2009
110 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Roberto is a gay boy who shares the house with his mother and sister. He spends his days wandering around the house, aware that all he can offer and demand of his young lover is a fling. When Roberto meets Raul, a man in his fifties who invites him to his place, Roberto is awakened to sexual and violent intimacies that he did not know were possible. A film that is ultimately about the rawness and realness of intense sexual attraction, Vil romance was nominated for Best Film at the 2008 Mar del Plata Film Festival, and received the Discovery Award from the French Critic in Latin America Cinema Meetings, Toulouse (France) 2009.


North American Premiere


Christian José Celestino Campusano was born in 1964 in Quilmes, Argentina. Son and brother of boxers, he studied Film Making in the Film Institute of Avellaneda, with an active participation in independent film and video in the eighties and part of the nineties. He is a highly unusual personality, a collector of vintage motorbikes, a versatile artist, and author of a book Argentine Marginal Mythology, composed of thirteen short stories. The work of Campusano focuses on criminal, homosexual and esoteric marginalities with an unusual and alluring forcefulness.

Producer: José Celestino Campusano
Production Companies: Cinebruto
Screenwriter: José Celestino Campusano
Cinematographer: Leonardo Padín
Editor: Leonardo Padín
Sound Design: Ernesto Angel Barrera
Music: Juan Manuel Colombo
Cast: Nehuen Zapata, Oscar Génova, Marisa Pájaro, Javier De La Vega




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