Gonzalo Justiniano

Mexico/Chile, Comedy, 2008
95 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Co-sponsored by the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

Lokas is a comedy about Charly, a con man of sorts and a convinced homophobe who discovers after years of separation from him, that his father is homosexual and is living with his boyfriend. Pedro, Charly's 9-year-old son, reunites the whole family beyond prejudices.


Regional Premiere

Gonzalo Justiniano was born in Chile in 1955, and after studying at the Paris University and the Louis Lumière Film School in France, Justiniano moved back to Chile to produce Los guerreros pacifistas (The Pacifist Warriors), a documentary about the punk movement in Chile. His first feature film, Los hijos de la guerra fría, won the award for Best First Feature in Biarritz, among other awards. Since 2000, he has directed the feature films El Leyton, B-Happy--winner of several international awards--and Lokas.


Producers: Daniel de la Vega, Gonzalo Justiniano, Rodrigo Bastidas
Production Companies: Sahara Films, Cinecorp, Bastidas S.A.
Screenwriter: Rodrigo Bastidas, Gonzalo Justiniano
Cinematographer: Andrés Garretón
Editor: Carolina Quevedo
Sound Design: Andrés Carrasco
Music: Cuti Aste
Cast: Rodrigo Bastidas, Coco Legrand, Raimundo Bastidas, Fabiola Campomanes, Rodrigo Murray



Regal Metropolitan - Sun. April 25 10:00 PM

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