La vida loca

Christian Poveda

France/Spain/Mexico, Documentary, 2009
90 min, HDV/35mm, Color
Spanish with English Subtitles


In Central America they are referred to as the : modelling themselves on Los Angeles youth gangs, these groups are now further afield. A childhood at once terrifying and hateful but strangely captivating which typifies the disintegration of family life within Salvadorian society and the despair in which they have grown up. La vida loca is what life is really about in these gangs: youths who suffer; who defy us; who look down on us; who resent and dislike us. So, like cornered dogs, this lost generation responds with pessimism, revolt and death. La vida loca is a documentary about absolute human solitude.


Regional Premiere


Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker, Christian Poveda’s political involvement during the Vietnam War in the 1970’s allowed him to experience the power of images, and the influence they can have over certain events, which inspired his career path. His entire filmography is dedicated to extraordinary political and social situations; it includes over 15 documentaries that have been presented at some of the most prestigious festivals and TV markets worldwide. Poveda was murdered on September 2, 2009 in the suburbs of San Salvador.


Producer: Carole Solive, Luis Bellaba, Emilio Maillé, Gustavo Angel
Production Companies: La Femme Endormie, Aquelarre, El Caiman
Screenwriter: Christian Poveda
Cinematographer: Christian Poveda
Editor: Merecedes Alted
Sound Design: David Enrique Mendez, Sylvianne Bouget
Music: Rocca



Regal Metropolitan - Sun. April 25 8:00 PM
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