Amorosa Soledad
Lovely Loneliness

Martin Carranza, Victoria Galardi

Argentina, Romantic Comedy, 2008
85 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

When Soledad’s boyfriend leaves her, she makes a resolution to stay single for the next three years to avoid another heartbreak, but as soon as she makes that decision, all her actions seem to contradict her resolve. She meets a man and just when everything seems to be going well, she receives a call from her ex saying he wants to get back together. Her ex’s call forces her into making an important decision. Rounding off the engrossing and fascinating world of Soledad is her propensity for hypochondriasis, her image-conscious mother, her estranged father and her confidant who is overwhelmed with Soledad’s problems.


Regional Premiere


Martin Carranza was born in Argentina in 1968 and studied photography and filmmaking. He worked as an assistant director in more than 20 films with well-known Argentine directors such as Alejandro Agresti, Alberto Lecchi, Juan Taratuto and Fabian Bielinsky. He has also worked on commercials for the US, Mexico and Spain. Victoria Galardi was born in Argentina in 1977 and has worked as a writer before co-directing Amorosa Soledad with Carranza. Amorosa Soledad is both directors’ first feature film.


Producer: Hernan Musaluppi, Natacha Cervi
Production Companies: Rizoma Films
Screenwriter: Victoria Galardi
Cinematographer: Julian Ledesma
Editor: Pablo Barbieri
Sound Design: No Problem
Music: Nico Cota
Cast: Ines Efron, Fabian Vena, Nicolas Pauls, Ricardo Darin

amorosa soledad


Opening Night

Alamo South Lamar, Wed. April 21, 7:00 PM

Tickets available at the box office of the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, starting at 6:00 PM