Memoria de los peces

Enrique Mencia Medrano

Cuba/Puerto Rico, Fiction, 2009
12 min, MiniDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


A beautiful and lonely old lady lives alone in a large house full of nothing but memories and her fish. One night she receives a phone call, but encounters only silence. The next night, at the same time, she receives a similar call. The silent, anonymous phone calls continue and begin to change her feelings of solitude, creating an illusion in her life.


World Premiere

Producer: Vanesa Portieles Figueredo
Production Companies: Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV
Screenwriter: Chiara Marañón
Cinematographer: Felipe Díaz Cifuentes
Editor: Aldo Rey Valderrama
Sound Design: Olivia Hernández Fernández
Music: Enrique Baydán Ríos Escribano
Cast: Eslinda Núñez


Regal Metropolitan - Sat. April 24  6:00PM

Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)
Wed. April 28  9:00PM