Tercer mundo
Third World

César Caro Cruz

Chile/Costa Rica, Comedy, 2009
85 min, HDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Tercer mundo tells the stories of Juan, Amaya and Richi, all struggling to make sense of their ordinary, monotonous lives. For them, the solution to their problems lies somewhere beyond their countries’ borders, in a mysterious solar eclipse. Using humor and irony, Tercer mundo reveals the fantastic side of Latin American youth culture that, despite a struggle to achieve modernity, still preserves magic and mystery. Winner of the Best Central American Narrative Feature, XII Festival de Cine Icaro, 2009.


Regional Premiere



César Caro Cruz, a native of Chile, graduated from the International Film and Television School in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. His interest in exploring different narratives and aesthetic possibilities has led him to write and direct several short films. He continues to develop his own film projects, two of which have received the CORFO Development Award and the Audiovisual Promotion Fund of the National Council for Culture and Arts in Chile. Tercer mundo is his first feature film.


Producer: César Caro Cruz
Production Companies: Películas Plot
Screenwriter: César Caro Cruz
Cinematographer: Ana Lucía Jiménez Hine
Editor: Danielle Fillios, Juan Manuel Fernández
Sound Design: Ramiro Valdés, Alexander Mederos, Adrián Fernández, Roberto Muñoz
Music: José Manuel Gatica Eguiguren
Cast: Luis Miguel Sánchez, Juan Pablo Garuti, Carmen Tito, Magdiel Ramírez, Hugo Pozo, Bibiana Ezurmendia Alvarez

tercer mundo

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Director César Caro Cruz in attendance.


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Director César Caro Cruz in attendance.