Petty Smuggling

Chico Faganello

Brazil, Drama, 2009
78 min, 35mm, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles


Lian is a young man from a South American border town in conflict with his father, a smuggler posing as an insect collector. With a smuggled camera recording things that not every one sees, Lian travels in search of freedom as well as the car he won on a television game show. Through his travels, he winds up discovering an unknown world. A film with artistic sensibilities that, for U.S. audiences, might best be compared with David Lynch’s style, Muamba is a creative blend of the objective and subjective, leaving the viewer to form connections between narrative threads that are not obvious on the surface.


World Premiere


Chico Faganello is a director, screenwriter and producer of fictional films, documentaries and television programs. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and a PhD in Literary Theory from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. In 1996, he founded Faganello Comunicações, which is dedicated to artistic, educational and cultural projects.


Producer: Lícia Brancher, Chico Faganello
Production Companies: Faganello Comunicações
Screenwriter: Fábio Brüggemann, Chico Faganello
Cinematographer: Marx Vamerlatti
Editor: Cíntia Domit Bittar, E. José
Sound Design: Leonardo Gomes
Music: Willy Gonzalez
Cast: Eduardo Hoffmann, Aguinaldo Filho, Fernanda Franceschetto



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