El bosque
The Forest

Pablo Siciliano, Eugenio Lasserre

Argentina, Psychological Thriller, 2008
105 min, HDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


El bosque is the story of Dannenberg, a man who lives an isolated and terribly monotonous life in the middle of the countryside. Every day, while standing in front of a couple of tombs, he has the premonition that someone will be coming soon. One afternoon a clock’s pendulum, previously at a standstill, starts working on its own. As he nervously makes his way outside, he notices the shadow of two figures approaching. What he was waiting for has now come and from this point forward, everything becomes unpredictable. A psychological thriller with complex and disquieting sound design.


North American Premiere



Pablo Siciliano and Eugenio Lasserre are both 26-year-old Argentinean filmmakers. They attended La Plata National University and subsequently started working on several commercials and institutional videos. They developed Heroes, an animated educational project supported by the Argentinean Education Ministry and they are currently in pre-production for their newest project, Ceremonia. El bosque is their first feature film.


Producer: Gastón Markotic
Production Companies: Delindiecine
Screenwriter: Pablo Siciliano, Gastón Markotic
Cinematographer: Pablo Alberti, Pablo Yannielli
Editor: Pablo Siciliano, Eugenio Lasserre
Sound Design: Eugenio Lasserre
Music: Daniel Soruco
Cast: Oscar Pérez, Paula Brasca, Martín Markotic


el bosque

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