Son & Moon (Diario de un astronauta)
Son & Moon (The Astronaut Diary)

Manuel Huerga

Spain, Documentary, 2009
90 min, HD/DVCAM/DigiBeta/Web Cam, Color
English, French, Spanish, and Russian with English subtitles


A human story, narrated in the first person by its protagonist, Commander Michael López-Alegría, about the difficulties a father faces in maintaining family ties with his seven year-old son during Expedition 14, a period of seven months and at a distance of 400 kilometers from the Earth. Son and Moon’ approaches the space world from an unusual point of view, combining spectacular images with others, private conversations between father and son via a simple webcam. The figures of space heroes bring them closer to us terrestrial beings by having them share the same difficulties. While we are celebrating 40 years since a man first walked on the moon, this film raises an original idea that struggles between compromise and the survival of the species.


Regional Premiere


Manuel Huerga has, since 1975, alternated studies in history at the University of Barcelona with the conduct of experimental work in Super 8, 16mm and video (a pioneer in the use of magnetic laptops) that presents and participates in numerous exhibitions and demonstrations of cutting-edge art: Caracas (1979), São Paulo Biennal (1981) and Montbéliard (1981) among others. In 2006 his second feature film Salvador, about the life, trial and execution of the Catalan anarchist Salvador Puig Antich, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival section “Un Certain Regard” in 2006.


Producer: Loris Omedes, Jaume Roures
Production Companies: Bausan Films, Mediapro, Pentragrama Films
Screenwriter: Quique Barberá, Manuel Huerga, Jordi Gasull
Cinematographer: Jordi Abusada, Xavier Gil, Michael López-Alegría, Loris Omedes
Editor: Manuel Huerga
Sound Design: Dani Zacarías
Music: Micka Luna
Cast: Nico and Michael López-Alegría

son and moon


Regal Metropolitan - Sun. April 25  2:00PM

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