Artzainak: Shepherds and Sheep

Jacob Griswold, Javi Zubizarreta

USA, Documentary, 2010
15 min, DVCPro HD, Color
Spanish, English, Basque with English subtitles


High up in the hills of Idaho, immigrants earn their wages in solitude as the quiet caretakers of thousands of serene sheep. This short documentary traces the history of Basque immigration to Idaho, while addressing the difficulty of life as a shepherd, as well as the current issue of immigration within the sheep herding industry.


World Premiere


Jacob Griswold, a Dominican-American filmmaker from western New York, developed a passion for creating films that provoke thought and create discussion about difficult topics such as struggle, despair, and faith. Javi Aitor Zubizarreta is a Basque-American filmmaker from Boise, Idaho. Throughout his filmmaking career, Javi has searched for new and innovative ways to bring the story of the Basque people into public attention. Javi and Jacob are completing their Bachelor of Arts in Film Production at the University of Notre Dame.


Producer: Jacob Griswold
Cinematographer: Jacob Griswold, Javi Zubizarreta
Editor: Jacob Griswold, Javi Zubizarreta
Sound Design: Jacob Griswold



Regal Metropolitan - Fri. April 23  8:00PM

(preceding Which Way Home)

Directors Jacob Griswold and Javi Zubizarreta in attendance.


Regal Metropolitan - Sat. April 24  6:00PM

(preceding O Areal)

Directors Jacob Griswold and Javi Zubizarreta in attendance.