Tom Zé: Astronauta libertado
Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut

Ígor Iglesias González

Spain, Music Documentary, 2009
90 min, HDV, Color/Black & White
Spanish, Portuguese with English subtitles


Tom Zé has not always occupied a position of comfort in the Brazilian music scene. This film gives us the opportunity to get closer to the artist's long labor of unceasing experimentation, in which he has had the courage to break established molds and refuse to accept what is considered correct and commercial. For all the unpleasant ups and downs encountered along the way, he has always been unflinching in his beliefs. Tying together Zé’s reflections, an ample catalogue of archive images, as well as the opinions of important figures of Brazilian music, this film paints a rich portrait of his life and music and the surprising and endearing man that he is. Audience Award winner for Best Foreign Documentary at the São Paulo International Film Festival and Best Documentary Winner at the Festival de Cine Asturiano 2010.


Regional Premiere

Ígor Iglesias González was born in Asturias, Spain. In 1995 he moved to Madrid, where he began his career as a technician in the world of cinema. For twelve years, he was involved in some twenty fiction feature films. He has worked with, among others, Pedro Almodóvar, Alex de la Iglesia, Frederick Forrestier, Gonzalo Suárez, Agustín Díaz Yanes, Vicente Aranda, Ray Loriga. Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut is the fruit of three years work. It is Igor’s first film as director and producer, a very personal project, done through his own production company, Xique-Xique Films.


Producer: Ígor Iglesias González
Production Companies: Xique-Xique Films
Screenwriter: Ígor Iglesias González
Cinematographer: Cristina Rodriguez Paz
Editor: Ígor Iglesias González
Sound Design: Antonio Rodríguez "Mármol"
Music: Tom Zé
Cast: Tom Zé




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