O Areal
The Sandpit

Sebastian Sepulveda

Chile/Spain, Documentary, 2008
54 min, DV CAM, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles


Descendants of slaves who found their freedom in the Brazilian Amazonia formed the Guajará community more than 200 years ago. Ever since then, the inhabitants have been relatively isolated from all urban contact and its progress, thus maintaining a way of life linked to their ancestors and fed with a series of myths about spirits and incarnations of evil. The sandpit near the community is a place where spirits talk and coexist with the inhabitants of Guajará. Yet, the construction of a bridge, which shall join the community with the city, will compromise the sandpit and will also bring a change in their vision, existence and nature. This documentary was the winner of the Special Jury Award at FIDOCS 2008.


US Premiere



Sebastian Sepulveda was born in 1972 in Concepción, Chile. He has done post-production work for several films. O Areal is the first documentary film in which he has taken on the role of writer and director.


Producer: Sebastian Sepulveda
Production Companies: Ojos de Agua Films
Screenwriter: Sebastian Sepulveda
Cinematographer: Sebastian Sepulveda
Editor: Sebastian Sepulveda
Sound Design: Roberto Espinoza

o areal


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Director Sebastian Sepuveda in attendance.