La tierra sin mal
The Land of No Evil

Anna Recalde Miranda

Paraguay, Documentary, 2008
80 min, MiniDV, Color
Spanish, Guaraní with English subtitles


After 35 years under the Stroessner dictatorship, the corrupt Colorado Party (the only political party allowed after the democratic transition) ruled Paraguay for 17 years. In 2008, Fernando Lugo, a former bishop running for president, represents the country’s hope to finally build a better future. La tierra sin mal chronicles the quixotic struggle of Martín Almada, an internationally recognized human rights activist who discovered the Archives of Terror, as he fights to expose the links between the old dictatorial system and the corrupted democracy that future president Lugo will inherit. La tierra sin mal was awarded Best Documentary at the Hai Visto Mai Festival in Siena, Italy.


North American Premiere


Anna Recalde Miranda, an Italian-Paraguayan filmmaker, has worked as a producer in Italy and France, where she collaborated with director Hubert Sauper. She also worked with director Lech Kowalski as camerawoman and editor on his last film Winners and Losers, which was selected at the 2007 Locarno Festival in Switzerland. She has directed several documentaries and currently works and resides in Paris, France.


Producer: Cristina Rajola, Anna Recalde Miranda
Production Companies: Troubled Production, Kinemultimedia
Screenwriter: Anna Recalde Miranda
Cinematographer: Anna Recalde Miranda
Editor: Andrea Gandolfo
Sound Design: Germán Acedo

la tierra sin mal

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