Felipe Braga, Eduardo Hunter Moura

Brazil, Sports Documentary, 2009
99 min, HDV, Color
French, Portuguese, English with English subtitles


Antonio Tenorio is a B1: the classification used for a totally blind judoka. The documentary follows this professional judo player as he prepares to compete for a fourth Paralympic gold medal in Beijing. Filmed in Brazil, France and China, B1 is an international journey through the perspective of a blind judoka, one of the few in the world to compete both in Paralympic and regular championships. B1 unravels the man behind the high-performance athlete, while simultaneously investigating his sensibility.


North American Premiere


Felipe Braga and Eduardo Hunter Moura are both graduates of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, studying history and advertising, respectively. Subsequently, Braga studied film at New York University, while Moura studied at the London Film School. They have both worked on films by directors such as Jose Henrique Fonseca and Claudio Torres. B1 is their directorial debut.


Producer: Felipe Braga, Rodrigo Teixeira, Gustavo Gama Rodrigues
Production Companies: RT Features
Screenwriter: Felipe Braga, Eduardo Hunter Moura
Cinematographer: Fabricio Lima
Editor: Paulo de Barros, Taina Diniz
Sound Design: Beto Ferraz
Music: Nando Duarte
Cast: Antonio Tenorio



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