The 12th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival presents films in thirteen different program sections. By browsing this area of the site, you can find a description of each section and the films that are screened in each one of them.


Click on each program section to see the films screened in it.


New Releases
Cine Las Americas presents a selection of the latest dramatic and documentary features by the finest emerging and established filmmakers to audiences in Central Texas. This year’s program represents eleven countries participation in production or co-production of the films.

Special Screenings
Cine Las Americas presents a retrospective of film from this year’s invited country of honor, Chile. The selected program covers a wide range of genres, themes, and styles from the years 1994-2004.

Narrative Feature Competition
Cine Las Americas presents a selection of films from emerging and promising talent. The works screened in this category represent the director’s first or second narrative feature film.

Documentary Feature Competition
Cine Las Americas presents a selection of documentaries on a wide variety of topics, with the common thread of including themes and points of view that are underrepresented in popular media.

Narrative Short Films and Documentary Short Films in Competition
Cine Las Americas presents some of the most powerful and compelling work of the festival: the narrative and documentary short films. These films will screen in two separate short film showcases and/or they will open for features throughout the festival.

Cine Las Americas presents some of the most visually unique projects in the festival program: the animated short films. Showcasing a wide variety of techniques and subject matter, each pushes the medium forward in its own way. Note: not a program for children.

Panorama: Narrative Features, Documentary Features, Narrative Shorts, and Documentary Shorts
Cine Las Americas presents a diverse array of important Narrative and Documentary features and shorts, which we consider essential to bring to Central Texas audiences. Collectively, the films represent a variety of traditionally underrepresented cultures, personal experiences, and perspectives; they raise issues about the environment, society, policy, politics, and human rights, to name just a few, and reflect local and global perspectives on these issues.

Hecho en Tejas
Cine Las Americas presents a series of films “made in Texas,” to showcase the wide variety of work being produced here by filmmakers with varied backgrounds. Two features (one narrative and one documentary) as well as a showcase of documentaries are scheduled during this year’s festival.


One of the best sections of the Cine Las Americas Film Festival program is Emergencia, the film competition devoted to filmmakers 19 years of age or younger. The films and videos presented in this section are always unpredictable, urgent, and often successful in addressing important issues while maintaining dynamism and freshness in their approach.